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Dorothy Hamburg, M.S., is an Exercise Physiologist and owner of Personal Strength & Training, Inc.

- a private fully-appointed exercise studio and gym. Dorothy specializes in post-PT/rehabilitative conditioning, weight/strength training, core/low back stabilization and athletic training & sports conditioning. More about Dorothy....

Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Conditioning

This program is for those individuals with specific concerns and physical conditions that require extensive evaluation and adjustment during each session. Typically therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises are for those who have been medically diagnosed by their doctor or medical practitioner and need specific care and treatment.

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For more about Dorothy’s work as an exercise physiologist, please feel free to call or email her.

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Dorothy Hamburg, M.S. Exercise Physiologist Post-PT & Rehab Conditioning Specialist based in the Hudson Valley, Red Hook, NY
17 Glen Pond Drive Red Hook, NY 12571 Directions>>
My Philosophy
My approach to health & fitness is interdisciplinary & progressive. I take the whole body & mind into consideration when designing an exercise & training plan. Each program is individualized and focuses on the musculoskeletal, neurological, biomechanical and psychological aspects of exercise.