Jeannie HaleI started working with Jeanne only a few months ago. She’s a lovely 80-year old robust and determined woman that loves to cook and bake but was unable to stand for more than a few minutes in her kitchen. Forty years ago Jeanne was involved in a car accident that shattered her left pelvis. Even though her rehab was successful, Jeanne started to notice her limitations as she got older. She was unable to move around as well and had difficulty getting up and down from the floor.

Her initial exercise program was designed to help her with her posture. I recommended a local chiropractor who treated Jeanne’s spine & neck with gentle manipulation. As Jeanne’s posture improved – we were able to start adding in more complex movement patterns that helped challenge her strength as well as her balance.  We worked on doing lunges every day.

Jeanne is now standing tall and relaxed. She’s able to cook & bake for hours without any discomfort. BTW…. her cheesecake is to die for!