Akiko is a wonderfully talented professional violinist. When she plays her soul sings. When she performs as a soloist, Akiko will stand so that her body movements allow the notes to soar. Last year, Akiko began performing for the Bard TONs program. Orchestral performances require that the musician sits. Many musicians play (and practice) up to 8 hours a day, sitting in chairs that are terribly uncomfortable and having to adapt their style accordingly. Many suffer from repetitive overuse injuries.

My approach to helping Akiko was slightly different than usual. To help her develop her shoulder and mid-back muscles to the demands of being seated, I had her sit on a wedge-shaped air pillow while we worked on her exercises.

After several months of diligent work, Akiko began to experience a new-found strength that was allowing her to perform without pain. She referred me to the director of the Bard TONs program who then asked me to present an Injury Awareness & Prevention Clinic to Bard TONs Musicians.

Through this program I was able to work with several of the students. It was an absolute pleasure to see these gifted musicians improve, feel better and perform without any discomfort or pain.