Several weeks agoBard TONS Clinic I had the pleasure of presenting an Injury Awareness & Prevention Clinic to Bard TONs Musicians. This wonderfully talented group of individuals is typically overlooked when it comes to repetitive overuse injuries. Many musicians play up to 8 hours a day, sitting in chairs that are terribly uncomfortable and having to adapt their style accordingly.

While working with a few of the musicians, there seemed to be a pattern to their injuries regardless of the instrument they played. Violinists, horn players and bassoonists all exhibited radiating nerve pain (aka ulnar nerve entrapment) down their arms as well as an imbalance in their hips and weak latissimus dorsi — an important back muscle that helps stabilize the trunk to the lower body.

I’m looking forward to seeing these gifted musicians improve, feel better and perform without any discomfort or pain.

I want to thank Akiko Kamigawara for organizing this event. It was truly a pleasure.