Alison is a vibrant 70 year old that has a wonderfully healthy approach to life and fitness. Alison’s daughter had initially come to me for strength conditioning after having had a baby. She wanted her pre-mom fitness back and more. Her success inspired her mom to give me a call and start a unique training program…..

Alison wanted to be able to play with her grandson and carry him without pain but she was feeling physically vulnerable and was concerned about getting injured.

During our initial evaluation I noticed that Alison’s hips and knees were very unstable. She was lacking lateral or sideways strength & stability. She was slowly creating significant structural imbalances with every step. Especially when she was carrying her grandson up and down stairs.

Alison’s program needed to be centered on developing core stability and gluteal strength. We focused on lower abdominal exercises, lots gluteal & hamstring exercises as well as step-ups and lunges.

Alison is doing great. She’s super strong (as you can see by the way she does Inverted Rows with the TRX) and is having a great time being a young grandma.