Health and fitness are moving closer and closer to the forefront of people’s minds as immobility & chronic disease spread across much of the developed world. Personal Strength & Training has been promoting health, wellness & fitness for nearly 20 years and today we share a success story that will surely motivate others.

In May of this year a new client, Brandy, sought help at Personal Strength & Training. Her goals were to improve her overall health and fitness, lose weight and return to activities like running and hiking. She was limited by achy knees due to previous injuries that were never fully rehabilitated and had limited time to exercise, leaving her with a lifestyle that was more sedentary than she would like.

Brandy was given an individualized exercise program to meet her specific needs, she was encouraged to start a food diary and also to develop a regular walking program on local trails outside of her training sessions. Now, 5 months later, Brandy has lost 39 pounds, she recently went hiking with her husband in Hawaii and her knee pain has not had the debilitating effects that it once did. She does continue to have some days that are better than others in terms of both diet and activity, but her consistent effort has improved her overall mobility as well as her confidence. The persistence Brandy displays is without a doubt the reason for her success, she has hit obstacles of course, but she never lets them keep her down.